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The most pressing question we get here at POVAR is “What should I do with my life now?”

  • What’s the next phase of my life going to be?
  • What’s the best use of all the stuff I have acquired to date?
  • How can I best leverage all the assets and education I have at my disposal?

Well fortunately for you, we’ve been asked to help with this single issue so many times before that we now have a proven system for finding the answer!

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This is a self study process. Our ‘Discover Your Micro Niche Questionnaire’ is an audit of the what, where, why, how, who and when of the lessons and events of your past. Basically the process consists of you converting the story of your life into data – so that it can be analysed and that conclusions can be made as to what’s next for you.

With this data in hand, we drop it into what we call the Niche Matrix. It’s a niche discovery worksheet that enables you to juxtapose your lessons and assets in a way that gives you the following:

  1. A short term, income driven business or career change so you can begin the next phase and feel relief straight away.
  2. A long term legacy project (or life purpose) that will keep you motivated and passionate about your life for possibly decades to come.
  3. And finally (this is where the best bit of magic sits) a custom designed business that will enable you to bridge the short term solution to the long term purpose with ease.

At POVAR we are very proud to be one of the first, if not the only company, addressing this urgent need of thousands of people in the modern world.

If you, like many others, followed all the instructions from your parents, teachers and society – only to realise that as a result you have ended up working in a box, as a number in a machine, on a ladder leaning against a bland wall of opportunity, then this course is for you.

It’s time for you to shine.

You really do have something special to bring to this world.

And from what we have learned over the years, the answer is in you. It’s in your past.

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons Time: 4 weeks


Career Change And Startup Coach

Stacy is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for assisting people through career change and the startup phase of a new business. He was semi retired at the age of 33 with a collection of custom designed micro niche businesses that sent him travelling all over the country, and eventually all over the world. He is the founder of Life Design, Share House Solutions, Promo School and finally Life Design and POVAR. He now spends his days helping professionals escape the rat race by converting their career into high value IP and passive income, mastering their money and helping them craft a future that inspires them to do the work that they know has to be done.


You will get a short term cash generating business, a long term life purpose and a bridging business that ties them together.

This is the structure:

  1. The famous 'Discover Your Micro Niche Questionnaire'
  2. Your guided Niche Matrix worksheet
  3. A 1:1 Discovery Session with one of our experts to put it all together

This is a money back guaranteed POVAR product.

We always stand proudly behind what we provide.

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