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For people looking to design their lives with an awesome business that they love

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♥ Do you feel like it’s time for some major change in your life?

♥ Have you been a passive player in your life for a little too long and the time has come to build your own brand and make a stand for something that matters?

♥ Does taking some time out to craft a more enjoyable future based around a profitable business sound like a good idea to you?

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 1 lessons Time: 10 week
Stacy Henderson
Career Change And Startup Coach
Stacy is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for assisting people through career change and the startup phase of a new business. He was semi retired at the age of 33 with a collection of custom designed micro niche businesses that sent him travelling all over the country, and eventually all over the world. He is the founder of Life Design, Share House Solutions, Promo School and finally Life Design and POVAR. He now spends his days helping professionals escape the rat race by converting their career into high value IP and passive income, mastering their money and helping them craft a future that inspires them to do the work that they know has to be done.

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