How To Live Rent Free (coming soon!)


This course will show you a proven system that will enable you to live rent free, in a productive environment, with your preferred type of inspiring people.

Share House Solutions (SHS) started in 2010 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. With a keen eye for systems and service, the SHS team have developed one of Australias leading share housing systems. Now, having made a positive difference in dozens of share houses across Australia, the SHS team are proud to announce that our online course is being built and will be available very soon.

On average our graduates save in excess of $15,000 per year on rent – ongoing for as long as they choose.

Why has Share House Solutions has been so successful for over 5 years?

The family environment we have created by using the Share House Solutions model has so many wonderful benefits. It is an automated share housing model that enables you to just get on with your life and avoid all those annoying issues that tend to pop up, even the most mature and considerate share housing situations.

  • Remove the most common friction points of normal share housing. Systematise your share house with a proven system and an extensive operations manual to lead the way!
  • Get up an running without the experiencing the mistakes and headaches of learning the hard way with the SHS systems!
  • Home is where you like to relax and a new flatmate should be the beginning of a lasting friendship. Learn how to build the right culture and ‘family’ in your share house.
  • Take advantage of an ever growing list of free resources and insights to help keep things running smoothly. Advice from one of our experts is just an email away.


Anyone can do this course. But to actually follow through and set up the house as we propose, you will need to qualify as such. To set up a house as we suggest, you will need:

  • Approximately $10,000 for set up costs (bond, rent in advance, furniture etc) which you will most likely get back should you choose to close down your share house
  • A good to awesome history of being a lease holder in a 3 bedroom or larger property
  • A financial situation that is appealing to a real estate agency
  • And you’ll have to be a nice person too. No one want’s to live with a dick. 😉

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Stacy Henderson
Career Change And Startup Coach
Stacy is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for assisting people through career change and the startup phase of a new business. He was semi retired at the age of 33 with a collection of custom designed micro niche businesses that sent him travelling all over the country, and eventually all over the world. He is the founder of Life Design, Share House Solutions, Promo School and finally Life Design and POVAR. He now spends his days helping professionals escape the rat race by converting their career into high value IP and passive income, mastering their money and helping them craft a future that inspires them to do the work that they know has to be done.

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